About Us

We are Charge City

Charge City is an electric vehicle charging equipment and solutions provider based in New Delhi, India.

We provide one of the finest European Chargers conforming to the latest Indian EV standards. Our mobile application built for both B2B and B2C, along with 24x7 technical support and maintainence, allows effective management of services to businesses as well as ease of use to the end customers.

We are focused towards creating long term partnerships with commercial and residential complexes, shopping malls, hotels and educational institutions.

Driven by the passion for revolutionising electric mobility in India, we at Charge City are commited towards providing best EV charging solutions for your business, ensure you provide the maximum value to your customers and build your brand effectively.


Charge City

Just Plug your EV and have your Vehicle fully charged for Long Memorable Drives

Charging Management

Tailored EV Charging Solutions for a broad range of Industries

Smartphone Mobile

User-Friendly App to Find, Book & Check Status of the Station For EV Drivers



Real Estate Owners

Customized & turnkey solution for your premises.

Shopping Malls

Charge your vehicles as you shop.

Corporate Towers

Supports all type of EVs in the market.

Fleet Operators

Electric fleet means you are part of a larger electric mobility.

Educational Institutes

Monitor your EV charging while in your class

Parking Lots

Easy EV charging service at parking lots of market places.

Book Your Charging Slot Anytime

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Our Team

Manekdeep Singh Ratra


Tarandeep Singh Ratra